The Voice in Speech and Song

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Table of Contents

Abbreviations used in the book
Section I - A Gift From God
A Heavenly Talent 
Design for Communication 
A Tool for Evangelism 
Importance of Speech Education 
The Role of Parents 
The Role of Teachers 
Students and Speech 
The Influence of Words 
Persuasion Through Speech 
Misuse of the Gift 
Section II - Christ the Ideal Speaker
Nature of His Voice   
Effectiveness of Presentation   
Love, Sympathy, and Kindness   
Patient Calmness   
Power, Authority, and Earnestness   
Words of Truth   
No Complicated Reasoning nor Argument   
Christ's Study of Countenances   
Adaptation to His Listeners 
Illustrations, Symbols, and Figures of Speech  
The Worker's Model  
Section III - Christian Attitudes in Speaking
Revelation of Christ  
Modesty, Truthfulness, and Discretion  
Kinds of Negative Speaking  
Love and Kindness  
Effect of Words on Oneself  
Discernment in Reproof  
Praise and Thanksgiving  
Care in Speaking of Others  
Hope and Encouragement  
Faith a Topic of Conversation  
Simplicity in Our Speech  
Section IV - Voice Culture
Importance of the Subject  
Clarity and Purity of Utterance  
Importance of General Health  
Proper Use of the Voice  
Section V - Effective Methods of Public Speaking
Love and Kindness  
Simplicity and Clarity  
Pure Language  
Earnestness and Assurance  
Conversational Manner  
No Harsh Words nor Debating Spirit  
Speed and Tone  
Anecdotes and Humour  
Illustrations and Visual Aids  
Oratorical and Theatrical Display  
Danger of Excessive Emotion  
Being Heard, but Not by Shouting  
Refinement and Solemnity of Demeanour  
Every Person an Original  
The Real Proof of Preaching  
Section VI - Content of Our Discourses
Christ the Sum and Substance  
Promise of the Holy Spirit  
Eternal Truth  
Testing Truths  
Soon Coming of Christ  
The Way of Salvation  
Practical Godliness  
Section VII - Examples of Effective Speakers
Men and Women of the Bible  
Medieval Reformers  
Adventist Pioneers  
Section VIII - Use of the Voice in Singing
The Power of Song  
Christ's Singing  
Voice Culture and Song  
Wrong Use of the Voice in Music  
Singing That Is to God's Glory  
Song a Part of Worship  
Singing a Means of Witness  
Singing in Israel's Experience  
Song at Christ's Resurrection and Ascension  
Song in the Last Great Crisis  
Songs of the Redeemed      


AA -- The Acts of the Apostles

AH -- The Adventist Home

1BC -- The Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary, vol 1 (2BC etc for vols 2-7)

CG -- Child Guidance

CH -- Counsels on Health

CM -- Colporteur Ministry

COL -- Christ's Object Lessons

CS -- Counsels on Stewardship

CSW -- Counsels on Sabbath School Work

CT -- Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students

DA -- The Desire of Ages

Ed -- Education

Ev -- Evangelism

EW -- Early Writings

FE -- Fundamentals of Christian Education

GC -- The Great Controversy

GW -- Gospel Workers

HP -- In Heavenly Places

HS -- Historical Sketches of the Foreign Missions of the Seventh-Day Adventists

Lt -- Ellen G White Letter

LS -- Life Sketches of Ellen G White

Ms -- Ellen G White Manuscript

MB -- Thoughts From the Mount of Blessing

2MCP -- Mind, Character, and Personality, vol 2

MH -- The Ministry of Healing

ML -- My Life Today

MM -- Medical Ministry

MYP -- Messages to Young People

OHC -- Our High Calling

PK -- Prophets and Kings

PP -- Patriarchs and Prophets

RH -- Review and Herald

SC -- Steps to Christ

SD -- Sons and Daughters of God

3SG -- Spiritual Gifts, vol 3

SL -- The Sanctified Life

1SM -- Selected Messages, book one

2SM -- Selected Messages, book two

3SM -- Selected Messages, book three

SpT Series A -- Special Testimonies, Series A

SR -- The Story of Redemption

ST -- Signs of the Times

SW -- Southern Watchman

1T -- Testimonies for the Church, vol 1 (2T etc for vols 2-9)

TM -- Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers

TMK -- That I May Know Him

WM -- Welfare Ministry

YI -- Youth's Instructor