Here people who have been blest by the writings of Ellen White speak out to say what these books mean to them and why they personally know them to be true!


Thank you for the opportunity to share my view, when I was first handed a great controversy i was amazed what and how it was written, to me there was no way any uninspired person could of written this because it spoke to my heart like no other book except the Bible itself and also desire of ages absolutely confirmed the truth I was reading was of God and is truly the spirit of prophecy. I came from a Baptist back ground so i had my heart with my church but if I was to be honest I could not deny what i read, when you study each chapter you will be so blessed. Praise God that we are not left alone to grope in the darkness and I'm thankful now that I'm not putting square blocks into round holes as I was doing before. Thank you and Praise God for the Spirit of Prophecy. PH Australia 


The above question is asked by many people in the SDA Church since over a century has come and gone since she wrote of scenes shown her by God. Let us examine some of these views and predictions.

Reference: Volume 9, page 13.

Subject: Economy & Society.

“There are not many, even among educators and statesmen, who comprehend the causes that underlie the state of society. Those who hold the reins of Government are not able to solve the problems of moral corruption, poverty, and increasing crime. They are struggling in vain to place BUSINESS OPERATIONS on a more secure basis.”  Written 1909

Comment: What do we see today? 2002

Subject: New York City Buildings – Written 1910, Vol. 9, Page 13

“On one occasion when in New York City, I was in the night season called upon to behold, buildings rising story after story toward heaven. These buildings were warranted to be fireproof, and were erected to glorify their owners and builders…. the scene that next passed before me was the alarm of fire. Men looked at the lofty and supposedly fire proof buildings and said they are perfectly safe. But these buildings were consumed as it made of pitch. The fire engines could do nothing  to stay the destruction. The firemen were unable to operate the engines.”

Comment: The news account said that the workers in the buildings were told to remain at their work places as the buildings were fireproof and perfectly safe. Over 300 firemen died, trying to operate the fire engines, and in putting the fire out. The fact that the buildings were thought to be fireproof prevented the quick evacuation of the buildings because people were told not to worry. This contributed to the great loss of life.

In Sr. White’s day the highest building was the Flatirn building, 20 stories high. The Trade Centers were 1368 Ft. high, 110 stories tall.

Subject: The Series of Events - written 1900 -Vol 9 P. 96, 97.

"There will be a series of events revealing that God is master of the situation. The Truth will be proclaimed in clear, unmistakable language. In quick succession the judgments of God will follow one another - fire, flood, and earthquake, with war and bloodshed."

Comment: The summer of 2002 was a drought year, the forest fires were greater than ever on record, (hundreds of thousands of acres) destroyed, the floods in Europe & America destroyed towns and cites. America is on the edge of a Middle East War as of the writing of this paper. The mercy of God is shown in His long forbearance, waiting for the message of warning to be sounded to all.

Subject: Destruction of Thousands of Cities - Evangelism Page 29,1903

“The time is near when large cities will be swept away." R&H 1910; Evangelism P.29

Comment: News-Max reported that FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)- Is preparing for Mass Destruction Attacks on Cities. This is one, of the most massive undertakings in the agency's history. What natural disaster would require FEMA to create emergency cites in different geographic areas of the U.S. at the same time?

This story was reported Wed. Aug. 7, 2002

Subject: Health Reform

“As we near the close of time we must rise higher and still higher on the subject of health reform... we must strive continually to educate the people, not only by our words, but by our practice." Vol. 6, 112

Comment: Ellen White had revealed to her by God the diseases of food animals. She wrote in 1889 of the diseases we now hear about in­fecting animals used for food, such as cancerous tumours etc.

Subject: Test of a True Prophet   Vol. 5 P.717, P.463

“If God has ever spoken by me, the time will come when you will be brought before Councils, (and courts of law) and every position of truth which you hold will be severely criticized."

Comment: This statement is a test proposed by Ellen White herself as a test of her Divine mission. Today, even more so then in her day, we hear of people brought before courts and their beliefs questioned.

Back in the 1980s a Lt. Col. Ollie North was brought before a Congressional Committee and his views were “severely criticized” by members of Congress. This was at the time of the Viet-Nam war.

Conclusion: We should study our Bibles as we have never studied it before.

Ralph Moss 

  While I was reading the Story of Sister White. I have heard of it although I have never read it. Boy did I ever get a blessing in the time I need it. My son is in the Golf somewhere. He's a Marine. I have him in my prayers constantly and in church prayer too. I know I should let Jesus take care of it. But I'm a mother and that’s what mothers do. Think about their children. Thank you again for your site.. I was really inspired by it. I felt the Holy Spirit and got teary. I know this must happen a lot. B.L.

  My name is M---. I am a happily married mother of three. I came from an abusive family, that was claiming to be Baptist Christians. I am now 28 years old and have found the truth of the Lord and his word! For so many years I longed for love, guidance, protection, truth, acceptance, and hope! After marrying my husband, going through hard times many times over, and making many mistakes myself, have come to realize there is truly a God! I learned my husband had a library of books written by Ellen White, a known prophet of her time. I didn't even know what a prophet was? I prayed to the Lord to help me understand the bible because it looked as a foreign language to me. My husband bought these books years ago and never read them but felt compelled to buy them? Now he sees how the Lord works. He now knows why he had to by them.....for his new wife! A wife who knew nothing of the bible, prayer, and what lies ahead for the world on Jesus second coming! I began to read everything!! I dabble in all books I can get my eyes to read. Now I am a very slow reader, and many times have to read over things repeatedly to grasp the concept of what is written. I have no regrets or doubt that Ellen White was a great prophet! I feel a sense of wholeness when I read her literature. I feel I am being directed by the Lord to read her material along with the bible. I read so much I began to choke as a babe. I fell away for a week or two to rest my mind and continued to pray for guidance, strength, and wisdom to keep learning! I have done so for about 4-5 months now and for the first time in my life I feel safe, loved, protected, accepted, and directed with the truth!!! I praise the Lord for showing my his light and continuing to do so, and praise Ellen White for sharing her wisdom. I am now getting ready to be baptized, in my newly found church of M--- Seventh Day Adventists Church in Missouri. I finally feel comfortable and a very big part of a loving , and understanding family!!! Thanks to Ellen White for her truth. MH


Answers to an attack on EGW

Lesser light-greater light - 1- For one thing- EGW is NOT the 'lesser light' and the Bible the 'Greater light'- this is the mistake they all start with- The Bible and all the prophets is the 'lesser light' and Jesus Christ is the Greater light!

Study it through in Genesis 1 - and it is clear- The greater light- the sun- shines with it's own inherent power- the lesser light- the moon only reflects the sun- So it is with prophetic writings whether ancient or modern- they reflect the truth of Christ. Even the Bible only shines with reflected light.

 2- When the writings of Moses comprised all the available written Word, as each new prophet came along, he added to the available Word. If he did not have something to say that wasn't already in the available Word- there would be no point in his coming and writing at all! The test of a prophet is not to make sure they don't add detail or additional facts to the available Word- the test is merely to make sure that what they are adding is in harmony with the available Word.

So the Word progressed until the OT cannon was completed.

The New Testament Cannon had to deal with the same kind of criticism as this person is spouting forth so proud of his ignorance. But what the new testament writers had to show- was not that they had nothing additional to add or information to contribute to the available Word the OT- BUT that what they were adding did not CONTRADICT the OT. If they had nothing new and additional to add, there would have been no point in there writing at all!!

So it is with the Bereans he so boldly claims to be imitating. Was Paul adding to the OT scriptures? Yes, he most certainly was! It is interesting that this person carefully chooses only the parts of the verse that suit his aim of discrediting one of the most valuable Gifts God ever gave to mankind. He says 1 Thessalonians 5:21 the Bible tells us to “Prove all things” But the previous verse also says- ‘Despise NOT prophesyings!’

If there were to be no more prophetic input from God to man, it would have been easy for the apostles to simply say- ‘Don’t bother with prophesying because after the last apostle dies, there won’t be any more!’

What were the Bereans checking for? Was it to see if Paul was only saying exactly what was already in the OT? No! Why would they need to check that if he was and they were such good Bible scholars? They would recognize the texts.

They were checking to see if the additional information was IN HARMONY with what they already had.

So it is with the SOP writings of EGW- if she was not given any additional information to amplify the existing Word- why would she write at all? What we are to ascertain is NOT if more information is given to us by this Gift- but rather if it contributes to the existing available Word OR if it is contrary.

Rightly understood there in not a passage in the writings of EGW that has been shown to contradict the available Word.

There are some passages that contradict other peoples IDEAS of what the Word is saying- but so did the teachings of Jesus contradict the ideas of the church leaders of His day!

3- We were warned that attackers like this would arise and that they would arise at the very end- just prior to the close of Probation. Everything points to that event as being very close- especially for professed Sabbath keepers, whose probation will end first. It is not the time to be found fighting against God in the person of His prophets. Just as the Jewish leaders fulfilled the very words of the prophets as they attacked and later killed the Saviour, so these attacks today are fulfilling the very words of the Spirit of Prophecy as they level their attacks.

It is a sad thing to be ‘smarter that God’. To reason away the very help He has sent to take us through the most terrible time this poor sick world has ever seen, and it has seen some terrible times! In each generation, once the people had rejected the prophet sent to them, there was no other recourse open to God, but to let the wrath fall. Over and over we see the pattern in scripture- the prophet is sent- the warnings go out; those who heed are blessed and helped; those who despise them fall sooner or later into destruction.

 4- In regard to the physical phenomenon that our loving heavenly Father saw fit to give us with the visions of His chosen messenger; although if her writings were contrary to the Spirit of the available Word, it would not be accepted as evidence; these evidences are not to be despised either. We have the written affidavits of many people of repute including doctors who examined Ellen in these visions. She did not breath- sometimes for hours-and this was attested to by Medical Doctors! Or does this person think that in the 1800s Medical Doctors were so stupid that they could not ascertain whether or not a person was breathing??

We are brought to remember the words of Thomas, the doubter, who refused to take the word of his brethren. Jesus rebuked Him for his unbelief. If we were like Thomas, we would all be lost- for we have to take the Word that was written and preserved and brought down to us today.

We don’t even have affidavits on that except the written accounts of the apostles. We actually have more evidence available to us that Ellen White was a Messenger of God, than we have that the Bible Prophets were Messengers of God!

 5- Why is it that people who attack the SOP and Ellen White, put forth the idea that the Bible prophets were of an entirely different class? What does the Bible say? ‘Holy men of old spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.’ 2Pe 1:21

What did Paul say of himself? Was he some different kind of creature?

Ac 14:15 And saying, Sirs, why do ye these things? We also are men of like passions with you, and preach unto you that ye should turn from these vanities unto the living God, which made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and all things that are therein:

Remember that the church leaders despised Jesus, and at the same time they exalted Moses as if he were a god. The real God was before them and they said to Him, ‘How dare you compare yourself to Moses?’

 6- So many attackers also seek to find some error or weakness in the human life of Ellen White- and then say she was not a prophet! I tell you, if most of us had our lives as searchingly examined with a critical eye as hers has been; we would not come up smelling as rosy as she has- I am sure of that!

Look at David- he sinned big time, but we don’t see many people so foolish as to say that he was not a prophet and we should reject his writings. In fact the Bible NT is clear he was a prophet! Ac 1:16 “Men and brethren, this scripture must needs have been fulfilled, which the Holy Ghost by the mouth of David spake before concerning Judas, which was guide to them that took Jesus”

The weakness of the human instrument is no evidence of fallacy of the writings.

Then some say, “Well she probably didn’t understand everything.”

What prophet did? Notice that Peter said that the very prophets studied their own writings to learn. Even the prophets knew the difference between the human and the Holy Spirit.

1Pe 1:10, 11 Of “which salvation the prophets have enquired and searched diligently, who prophesied of the grace that should come unto you: Searching what, or what manner of time the Spirit of Christ which was in them did signify, when it testified beforehand the sufferings of Christ, and the glory that should follow.”

When Jesus came, He didn’t suit the ideas of most of the people; so they rejected Him and are lost forever. There is not one of the prophets that was not despised and rejected in his lifetime, at least by many. But those who despised the prophets suffered the consequences, even if it were only in lost blessings and loss of eternal life.

We don’t get to pick and choose how we are to be saved; we accept it on God’s terms or we are lost, no matter how smart we think we are.

We don’t get to pick and choose who God chooses to communicate with us. But if we are smart, we will not despise what He sees are essential guidelines and information that we must have to stand in the final crisis.

It is not smart to try and dissect the Gifts of God, we can end up so smart that God has not way to reach us, no resource left to save us! What a terrible account many of this day will have to settle with God, 1st for despising council that clearly bears the Divine stamp; and 2nd for influencing others to cast away their God-given life-ropes and lifejackets only to perish miserably in the overwhelming flood!

Mt 18:6 But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

2Ch 20:20 … Believe in the LORD your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper. PT.

  Sent: Tuesday, February 18, 2003 8:23 AM


 Dear brethren,

Greetings from across the oceans in the sweet name of our Saviour.  Recently a question was asked, as to how the SOP writings have been a BLESSING to us. Our little school, has been battling between whether to be accredited or not.  Many of our students, dropped out of school since they faced a dilemma between our program and the government's call to fall in line with their enactments on this issue.  The heartening news is many still continued with us and more heart warming was the fact that some even returned after leaving us for a short while!.

The ones that remained, and those that returned are resolved to trust in the Lord, and the SOP writings that we ought not to be tied to the world even by a THREAD. 

  Just a couple of days ago, as I was going through the newspapers (which I do from time to time) I was shocked to read about an occurrence at a particular school.  The papers stated, that the children aged between 14-19 years, were all committing suicide.  The reason was that they could not cope with the heavy academic pressure at school, high expectations from parents and teachers, and from peer pressure inside and outside of school.  What a tragedy!  But that is not all, what brought me to the edge of my chair was the remedy to these ills.  The school authorities suggested making the study of YOGA mandatory.  Yoga, is eastern spiritualism.  It is demonic, in one word.  Just like Harry Porter craze is to the West, Yoga craze is to the East.  MYSTICISM, introduced by force in schools.  Will it be all schools? It most certainly will include Christian schools, coming under the Government aided program.  

  More closer to home, the test for the SDA's is HERE.  All who Pooh Poohed Sister White's writings and disregarded her counsel to remain as Church Schools, must now surely face the test.  Two sources have confirmed that the Tamil Nadu Government (our chief minister, surely like Jezebel) has worked out the Public Examination Time Table so that our schools no longer have the Sabbath privelege. Our students (SDA's just a handful) must face the test of writing their Xth and XIIth grade exams on the Sabbath.  In order, for them to hold exams,  our schools have to be opened on Sabbaths too.  What a predicament, and how many of our schools will take their stand or compromise we do not know.  But we need to pray that "OUR CHURCH" does take a stand now, or else we cannot be called SDA's.  They need to oppose the new schedule.

    The answer then is very simple.  Have we been blessed by following counsel? A thousand times, YES.  The Lord be praised.  We too, will surely be persecuted for our faith, but the Lord will definitely be on our side, and with Him on our side, we need have no FEAR.  

The Lord has been very good to us, He is ever protective over our little school.  We need your prayers that we should stay faithful until the very end.  THIS IS OUR TESTIMONY.

Love and prayers,

Tim, Anita, Staff and Students of Green Pastures Home School.


Dear Sister  

Greetings of grace and peace through Christ! 

You may read the testimony from Tim ___ before you read my note.

I am "Molly" (Mary) C___, one of the Board Members, and treasurer of SALUTE Ministries here in the U.S.A. The SALUTE acronym stands for Seventh-day Adventist Laymen Uplifting True Endeavours, and we have an outreach to India which Bro. Timothy and his wife Anita administer--SALUTE Ministries--India.

We have no paid staff here in the USA--we are laymen, church planting in our local rural area with this big work for the Lord in Tamil Nadu state of India, as well as reaching out to our local community. 

The school and orphanage we have at "Green Pastures" is run according to the Bible and SOP, and the Lord is blessing, in spite of the trials that constantly bombard this dedicated couple and their small staff.

Dear friends of ours enlightened us as to who you are, and your ministry, as I have been receiving your e-mails. Thank you for them. I am selective as to what I read, and I appreciate the TRUTH according to the Bible and SOP. Anything else is discarded. We have no time to waste in reading Satan's fables that only clutter our minds.

May God continue to bless you and those you contact for Him.