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Here people who have been blest by the writings of Ellen White speak out to say what these books mean to them and why they personally know them to be true!


"They Stand Without Comment!"

Date: September 16, 2004


Presuming to defend the writings of Sis. E.G. White is as illogical as presuming to defend the Word of God, or trying to defend your own shield since, if they are permitted to they will stand without comment because they are there to defend us, and not us to defend them. In the 1950s at a time if great personal stress I discovered a book entitled "Christ's Object Lessons." I had never seen it before, and I had never heard of the author, but settled down to read it. The education I received from it, utterly staggered me. Never before had I ever read such clear cut and helpful material. I read it three times and wondered where I could obtain this type of material when a Lady knocked on my door collecting for missions and as she wrote out a receipt I idly asked if she had ever heard of someone called Mrs. E.G. White? Maybe she never expected to be asked that question for her reaction to it was one for deep shock, but steading herself she replied "Yes, she was our prophetess." Then, feeling that she had maybe overstated the situation, she added, "Well we think so, anyway!" To this, I replied, "If she was not, one would have to say that she is so far in front of whatever comes second, it is not too much to refer to her as a prophet." She soon had her minister call on me and not too much later I was baptised. At that time I was in my mid twenties, and now I am seventy. The blessings have never ceased from that day to this. I have noted the vast amount of nonsense written about Sis. White on the web, and feel rather sorry for those people since they must one day render an account for every thought and word. However, while studying Adventism fairly deeply, I chanced upon a book in a Baptist Book Shop entitled, "Adventism Renounced" and purchased it in order to maintain some degree of balance. That Author seemed to be held in some degree of distaste among Adventists, but I recognised in him a decided level of manic depression. It needs to be held in mind that one can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth. 

Sincerely, R. P


In Defense of the Writings of Ellen White:10-03

Since the day that the Holy Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ changed my life back in 1974 [changing me from the greatest sinner who had ever lived], I became a student of the Sacred Scriptures. My conversion experience was actuated by my reading the Scriptures, knowing that the only way I could always be assured my walk with Christ was truly walking in the "Spirit of Truth," was that I would study that I might by His grace, be obedient to the will of my Father Who is in Heaven. Father's will is spoken to the spiritually enlivened individual, as he studies, in order to walk in the light presented through Scripture. I have been a student of Scripture for thirty years, and I have not nearly plumbed the depths of the Truth that is found in therein.

Ellen White's writings were presented to me as an inspired reference to the Scriptures, and as such, I immediately had my back up against her words. This spoke to me as "Scriptures plus," and I wanted nothing to do with anything that would go against the warnings of Scripture, concerning addition to or subtraction from the Word of God. This thought, brought me to a desire to know what she wrote, so that I could find where she was inconsistent with Scripture, aand hence prove her to be a false prophet.

This began in 1974, and today, I have a very indepth knowledge of the writings of this lady, particularly because I initially read so that I could disprove her work. Without any doubt, I believe this lady was indeed inspired by Yahweh, and her writings have done nothing less than give to me a greater understanding of the words of the prophets, bringing me closer to the God of both the Old and New Testaments, Jesus Christ, and enabling me to see the universal quality involved in the great controversy between that beautiful angel who rebelled against his Creator, becoming Satan, the adversary, and Jesus Christ, the Leader of the Heavenly Hosts, Who willingly came to this sinful world, in the guise of sinful nature, that He might prove His Father perfectly righteous, this questioned by that same rebellious creature, who once held the highest place in Heaven, given to any created being.

As I have seen the depth of knowledge that the Holy Spirit has given to us through this little lady, I see there is absolutely no reason why any should be worried about what is needful, so that we might be enabled to get through until the end of our lives, with the daily understanding that we have salvation in and through Christ Jesus, and walking in His salvation will only be negated, by the willful choice of the creature, choosing to consistently reject the Gift of God [Jesus Christ], which is freely given to mankind, that all might be saved by faith in that Gift.

I would gladly present to you the writings of E.G. White, a very blessed child of God, who was inspired by His Spirit, to bring to mankind, a clear, easy to read exposition of the truths of the Holy Bible. Of all the comments I have read concerning Scripture, she has beyond any doubt, great light to share with those who are blessed to open any of her works. She adds nothing to Scripture of a contentious nature, and I believe you may read her work in order to prove her wrong, but you will find you are kicking against the pricks as was the apostle Paul in doing so. YOu will be blessed immensely by her works, and I have found there, the very voice of God's Spirit, drawing me to a closer walk with my Saviour. Begin with her "Steps To Christ," and you will desire to read more of her many words, for you will find the "fairest of ten thousand," in all of her writings, and your heart will thrill to realize that a prophet has walked among us, and "we knew it not!"



Response to booklet on internet accusing EGW of racism

First- this 'expose' has taken material out of context and has not considered the times for which the counsel was written.

Mrs. White NOWHERE states that ANY race or people today are part animal. Her statement said amalgamation of Man AND animal- not man WITH animal. Amalgamation was used in her day to refer to corruption or confusion- i.e.- deterioration. We have no idea what all went on before the flood when men lived for hundreds of years and had brains that never forgot!!

For U. Smith to make the statement HE made about African races would show his ignorance and should not be linked with her. However if the entire statement he wrote is read- he is not saying that any human is to be considered as an animal either. Anyone who is aware of anthropology facts knows that inbreeding etc. has produced genetic deterioration in certain tribes of people- this in no way has anything to do with their moral worth. 

As to the statements re- colored folk and the environment they had and the conditions- these are true. The poor blacks at that time around the civil war and after were in terrible straits. E. White pleaded with Adventists to open missions and sent help to these needy ones at that time. Her own son had an independent ministry, which had a riverboat and established schools and wrote books for the poor black folk.

It was true that many came from bad moral surroundings- just read Uncle Tom's Cabin!

As for what she was shown re- some poor slaves being so degraded that they could not go to heaven- this does not refer to all -but only some. We have no idea the terrible conditions that would produce this state of being. Those who had belief and trust in the Lord no matter how simple- would be saved.

She wrote entire books on instruction for best helping the Black folk at this time of their great need. She urged that Blacks be trained to work for blacks and for them to have separate churches in some situations. WHY? Because of the danger and terrible prejudice of the WHITES! You have heard of the KKK? or do you think it is a fairy tale?

The way things were at that time there was so much hate and bigotry- special precautions were needed to prevent the blacks being helped by the ministries from being beaten or killed.

She also recommends that the races not intermarry and the reason she gives is not superiority of either- but the fact it makes problems in social life and is especially hard on the children. That was especially true in her day and still deserves some thought.

To get a broader picture see eBook supplied and realize the wisdom of the counsel given for that time! "The Southern Work"


The Spirit of Prophecy has opened to me many wonderful things from God's Holy Word. It has shed light on many things, especially on the parables of Jesus. These writings make more clear to my heart the unfathomable love of Jesus. How He loves me so much. So much I understand through the writings of God's messenger, Ellen White. It is a wonderful gift given to us from the great loving heart of Jesus. It is very greatly appreciated.

Grace T.