Who is He That Gave Thee This   


(Luke 20:2)

A Study on the Authority and Importance
of the Spirit of Prophecy

by Paul Rahoi

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Some have stumbled over the fact that I said I did not claim to be a prophet and they have asked, Why is this? 

I have had no claims to make, only that I am instructed that I am the Lords messenger; that He called me in my youth to be His messenger, to receive His word, and to give a clear and decided message in the name of the Lord Jesus. 

Early in my youth I was asked several times, Are you a prophet?  I have ever responded, I am the Lords messenger.  I know that many have called me a prophet, but I have made no claim to this title.  MY  SAVIOUR  declared  me  to  be  HIS  MESSENGER.  Your work, He instructed me, is to bear My word.  Strange things will arise, and in your youth I set you apart to bear the message to the erring ones, to carry the word before unbelievers, and with pen and voice to reprove from the Word actions that are not right.  Exhort from the Word.  I will make My Word open to you.  It shall not be as a strange language.  In the true eloquence of simplicity, with voice and pen, the messages that I give shall be heard from one who has never learned in the schools.  My Spirit and My power shall be with you. 

Be not afraid of man, for My shield shall protect you.  It is not you that speaketh: it is the Lord that giveth the messages of warning and reproof.  Never deviate from the truth under any circumstances.  Give the light I shall give you.  The messages for these last days shall be written in books, and shall stand immortalized, to testify against those who have once rejoiced in the light, but who have been led to give it up because of the seductive influences of evil. 

Why have I not claimed to be a prophet?Because in these days many who boldly claim that they are prophets are a reproach to the cause of Christ; and because my work includes much more than the word prophet signifies.  Ellen White, Selected Messages Volume 1, pg 31-32



1. The Gift of Prophecy Restored

2. The Bible and the Bible ONLY? 

3. The Elijah Prophet

4. Unwavering Confidence in Gods Calling

5. The Voice of God or Human Opinion?

6. Defining Truth and Error

7. Does Lesser Light Mean Lesser Authority?

8. If it Wasnt Written to Me Then Why Cant I Ignore It?

9. Study the Testimonies  .

10. Working with the Devil 

11. How Much is Inspired? 

12. Fallible Messenger but Infallible MESSAGE !!!

13. Should the Testimonies be Heard from Adventist Pulpits?

14. A Misunderstood Statement on Quoting Sister White 

15. Has Tampering Made the Spirit of Prophecy Unreliable?

16. Will the Spirit of Prophecy Always be Reliable?   

17. Conclusion