Living by Principle

by Ellen White

Every heart will be tested, every character developed. It is principle that God's people must act upon. The living principle must be carried out in the life. 1T 222

In the renewed heart there will be a fixed principle to obey the will of God, because there is a love for what is just, and good, and holy. There will be no hesitating, conferring with the taste, or studying of convenience, or moving in a certain course because others do so. Every one should live for himself. The minds of all who are renewed by grace will be an open medium, continually receiving light, grace, and truth from above, and transmitting the same to others. Their works are fruitful. Their fruit is unto holiness, and the end everlasting life. 2T 488

The youth may have principles so firm that the most powerful temptations of Satan will not draw them away from their allegiance. 3T 472

The Lord's workers cannot be too careful that their actions do not contradict their words; for a consistent life alone can command respect. If our practise harmonises with our teachings, our works will have effect; but piety that is not based upon conscientious principles is as salt without savour. To speak, and do not, is as sounding brass and a tinkling cymbal. It is of no use for us to strive to inculcate principles which we do not conscientiously practise. PH048 4

Every act of life is great for good or evil; and it is only by acting upon principle in the tests of daily life that we acquire power to stand firm and faithful in the most dangerous and most difficult positions. PH048 4

Daniel was subjected to the severest temptations that can assail the youth of to-day; yet he was true to the religious instruction received in early life. He was surrounded with influences calculated to subvert those who would vacillate between principle and inclination; yet the word of God presents him as a faultless character. Daniel dared not trust to his own moral power. Prayer was to him a necessity. He made God his strength, and the fear of God was continually before him in all the transactions of his life. RH JAN.25,1881

There is a wide difference between what God has given men capacity to become, and the degree of excellence to which they actually attain. If it were considered a duty to cultivate all our powers to the fullest extent, they could be continually increasing. The Bible teaches men to act from principle; and whenever we successfully resist evil influence, we are strengthening that principle which has been assailed. The mere possession of talent is no guarantee of usefulness or happiness in life. Right principles are the only basis of true success. RH SEP.25,1883

Excitement will not avail to save any soul. To have faith in Christ, to become a child of God, it is not necessary to be stirred with powerful emotion. You are to come to Jesus just as you are, for you know it is the only right thing to do. ST JUL.11,1892

Let the youth take the Bible as their guide, and stand like a rock for principle, and they can aspire to any height of attainment. There is no limit to the knowledge that they may reach. ST MAR.04,1889

Suppose that at times we are destitute of the joy we should like to experience, can we not feel assured that the promises of God are still yea and amen in Christ Jesus? The promises of God do not rest upon feeling. They have a foundation as distinct from feeling as light is from darkness. We must learn to move from principle; and when we learn to do this, we shall move understandingly, and not be controlled by varying emotions. ST NOV.11,1889

Whether rich or poor, high or low, Satan finds employment for the youth who are not trained to useful industry, and guarded and barricaded with principle. ST NOV.12,1896