Defending the Heavenly Gift

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  1. Be sure to read all about Ellen White's most amazing book: ' The Great controversy'! The Great Controversy to read and print out in Over 30 languages
  2. Our flagship site serving millions worldwide with helpful and inspiring information; Bible courses; health encyclopedia; recipes; health tips; and much more!
  3. Gods 10 words in Many languages!

  4. The largest information site on the internet on Gods 7th day Sabbath.

  5. Our second most popular site with much material defending the Biblical view on origins. Science vs. evolution.

  6. Our site for Hispanic folk--full of free e-Books to download.

  7. Our site for reading or downloading free e-Books of most of our missionary books and others as well. End time warnings and information.

  8. Especially for Advent believers, this site contains early historic documents as well as many reports and warnings defending our true Advent heritage.

  9. My Bible School -- Basic Bible Course Learn what the Bible really says! 

These Sites contain Exciting Books to Read Online: