Defending the Heavenly Gift

You may have been hearing LIES about Ellen White—Here is the Truth! Large collection of defense articles on Ellen White and the Spirit of Prophecy.

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Updated  March 04, 2012


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The Very Last Deception
Understanding the Prophets

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 Who is Ellen White?

 A Word to the Critics

Sample Statements: Showing the beauty and encouragement to be found in her writings

Prophet of the End: Explaining her life-work

Precious Inspiration: From Christ's Sermon on the Mount

Ellen White: Her Calling and Ministry

Free E-books

List of all of her Published Books

Her Early Experience in Her Own Words With MP3 Audio!

How to Come to Christ and Stay with Him

The Heart of the 'Great Controversy Message'

Were You There? The Passion Story  

History, Biography, & Eye-Witness Accounts: History, Biography, and Eye Witness Accounts by Contemporaries of Ellen White.

The Defense: Documents from History, Eye Witness accounts, and responses to non-factual statements from websites and Videos


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